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Value creation approach

When we decide to invest in a company, we are convinced of its business model and development potential. During our investment period, we work together with management to optimally position the company along four key value levers: Strategy, Organisational Development, Revenue Growth and Profitability. Throughout the period of our partnership with a company, we continuously evaluate strategic opportunities together, specifically determine in which focus areas additional acquisitions and investments make sense, which business segments can be further developed and how we can best equip the company for future challenges.

Together with management, we examine new markets, develop product and pricing strategies and position sales and marketing in a way such that we can take advantage of all growth opportunities. We support these measures with a strong capital base and further help our companies finance themselves sustainably. The key to the successful development of our companies lies in the management teams and the employees that we consistently support in their personal development. As needed, we assist the recruiting of new employees with complementary skills to support the existing organisation.

The development of our companies along our key value levers is based on a holistic approach that benefits the company and all stakeholders

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