Exited Investment

Anti-Germ & Medentech

Fuelled by almost two centuries of experience in hygiene for professional outlets, Anti-Germ provides market leading systems of products, technologies and services for the food value chain and institutional sectors. In addition, Anti-Germ targets customers in the kitchen and catering, hospital and health care, building care, technical cleaning and laundry industries. Anti-Germ is headquartered in Memmingen, Germany with additional production sites in Vaas (France) und Neumarkt (Austria) as well as subsidiaries in six further countries.

The Irish subsidiary Medentech is based in Wexford, Ireland and develops, manufactures and markets products in 4 segments: Water purification/ disinfectants, human healthcare and infection control, animal healthcare infection control and special product development. Medentech’s Aquatabs© water purification tablets are renowned known and respected and trusted by millions of people every day to make their water safe.

Exit: 2017