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dtms GmbH sells his Austrian participation and separates from the mobile messaging service

dtms GmbH, a portfolio company of the investment firm PARAGON PARTNERS, consistently pursues its strategic repositioning as well as the changes in its organizational set-up. As a consequence, dtms sold its subsidiary atms Group which includes the mobile messaging activities. Acquirer of the atms Group is BK Invest GmbH, an investment vehicle of two private Austrian investors. Atms group is primarily active on the Austrian market and mainly offers mobile messaging and other costumer dialogue solutions. The atms group consists of the two Austrian entities atms Telefon- & Marketing Services GmbH, Vienna, as well as mobile internet services GmbH, Graz.

With this strategic repositioning, dtms places innovative costumer-dialog solutions based on artificial intelligence in its focus. The service portfolio of dtms is further expanding to cloud-based software and applications based on costumer dialog solutions of the new dtms digicom platform. Traditional products like value-added service-numbers such as 0800, where dtms is the largest independent provider in German speaking region, continue to be the basis of customer connectivity for dtms’ clients. However, automatic responses to customer requests give back contact centers more time to handle complex requests and more time to provide real value added to the customer.

“With digicom and digicom ai we developed a technical platform which allows dtms group to focus on the global growth segment of artificial intelligence”, explains Thomas Lang, CEO of dtms GmbH. For 2018, dtms plans to further expand its ai teams to offer clients to implement the large number of projects in a fast and efficient way.


About dtms

dtms GmbH headquartered in Mainz, Germany, is the leading provider of contact center solutions and costumer intelligence technology in the German speaking region. A key role is played by network infrastructure management ensuring the connectivity of companies as well as the value-added usage of artificial intelligence for costumer inquiries. Especially the cloud-based ACD-, IVR-, Multichannel- and artificial intelligence solutions give dtms the innovational leadership for intelligent and efficient costumer interactions.


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22. November 2017